ASK DN: Do you contribute to retirement funds?

almost 6 years ago from Art Vandelay, Latex Salesman - Vandelay Industries

  • Dan Marino, almost 6 years ago

    Currently contribute soundly to my Roth IRA monthly (easier as a F/T employee and not freelancing). Even when I freelanced, I'd contribute a hundred or so monthly draft that I knew I could put in, and as things freed up, would contribute from bigger margin on a project, or would slowly bump up the monthly contributions by 10-25 bucks. Currently use a financial planner that's a work relation and working out super well. "Paying myself first" always works better, as soon as I get paid, let the autodrafts hit, and I'm set.

    Like Benjamin said, if your company matches a 401k, contribute to that mark first.

    I've also got a permanent life insurance piece as another avenue of an investment vehicle to save for retirement as well. Just opened, but should give me another avenue outside of my Roth to put funds away for retirement.

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