I’d love some feedback on my landing page(citationsy.com)

6 years ago from Cenk Özbakır, Founder, Citationsy

  • Powers Gray, 6 years ago

    I agree, the animation is WAY too fast. I, however, like the simplicity of the design and the palate you've chosen. It fits with the simple utility you're providing nicely.

    My only suggestion is - maybe have a bit more fun with the logo, e.g. (Citation)sy, or (Citationsy), or put a yellow background highlight behind the "Citation" in citationsy. Just something to make it a bit more welcoming, human, and have the logo speak to a function of the site.

    I wish this tool existed when I was in school...I wish a lot of things existed when I was in school :)

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    • Daniel FoscoDaniel Fosco, 6 years ago

      Agreed about the animation and the logo welcoming more fun.

      The palette and communication are austere and a bit snarky, so having a more interesting logo can add some contrast without hampering your current tone.

      By the way, just realized the snarky tone reminds me of Pinboard :)

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