Send me problems, not wireframes(

5 years ago from Ariel Verber, Product Designer

  • Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, 5 years ago

    I don't agree in the slightest.

    I also think you haven't drawn up a house before... " it's like coming to an architect, handing her plans for a house you drew on a napkin and asking her to redo it with colors and make sure the construction engineers will understand it as well."

    That's kind of how it happens...

    Aaanyway. That Aside. I build large-scale HMI interfaces, as well as fintech applications. These are projects with massive amounts of business logic behind them, from specialty industries such as the petrochemical industry, lending industries, insurance industry, etc. If you didn't receive wireframes to help guide you through the logic, you wouldn't get very far using your own opinions on how things should look.

    I mean, If I came to you saying 'I have a problem with displaying auditing data for the last quarters settlements and remittances per merchant, and require an interface designed where I can break down lending packages and view both inclusions for each and the most recent settlement'.... and gave no flowcharts, wireframes or such, you're going to go "aaahhhh what" and I'm going to go "well, you're dumb as fuck, in your own words".

    You can't assume you're going to have the best ideas without seeing where the client is coming from. It gives you much more context on a problem if you can see the other party's problem solving before you try to tackle it too.

    Sorry if that came across sounding mean (It's just about 5 here, and I haven't had a break all day haha!).. But there's a "holier than thou" attitude I see in a lot of medium posts, and I don't think it's a good way to promote yourself.

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