Send me problems, not wireframes(

5 years ago from Ariel Verber, Product Designer

  • Andrew C, 5 years ago

    I think I'm going to buck the trend and agree with Ariel.

    RE: Design Sprints handle this! comments... well actually they don't. Not in this particular way. Wireframing/sketching is a specific step on day 2. So the client has cut out entire days/hours of process by jumping straight to wireframing. I'm certain this just requires some education (it's not malicious). But the timeline in a design sprint is deliberately paced so the people doodling out ideas don't have a lot of time to bond with them. Coming to the table with wireframes means the customer has had plenty of time to bond with their idea. They might be right, but that's beside the point at this junction of the process.

    You're on a journey together so you've got to start at the beginning together.

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