Portfolio: Looking for feedback on personal/freelance website for branding work(kylerbkl.me)

almost 5 years ago from Kyle Arbuckle, Quality Branding Freelancer

  • Nice ShoesNice Shoes, almost 5 years ago

    Website aside, You need to address some of the work.

    On Superior National there's some weird overlaying text on the blue box which reads 'stay toast and warm'.

    The kerning on most of the headlines needs addressing.

    The kerning on the Cinch logo also needs addressing.

    Skywater logo also needs a little tweak on the kerning.

    If you're putting a photo of yourself on the homepage then make it one where you're eyes are open - unless they are, if so I apologise.

    Finally, the paragraph 'As your company has grown...' kind of drags on for way more than it needs to.

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    • Kyle ArbuckleKyle Arbuckle, almost 5 years ago

      Thanks for all the feedback - custom typography is something I'm getting better at and I can definitely see where the kerning needs to be addressed on both those logos. Thanks for the help!

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