almost 6 years ago from Aaron S, Product Designer

  • Matt GalliganMatt Galligan, almost 6 years ago

    Sure, it takes care of the job in the same way that LayerVault took care of it years ago. And takes care of it in the same way that Dropbox takes care of it, with some additional GUI and features.

    But Abstract is not the basic version control that you find here. It's way more feature rich and frankly, more powerful. We're not just talking about one file evolving over time where you can look back at old versions. Branches add a whole new dimension to design collaboration. You can keep the Master file safe and clean, which acts as your single source of truth. Then branch from there to explore and work on new things without affecting the source of truth for engineers, etc.

    Abstract also handles conflicts beautifully rather than having to worry about whether my changes will override someone else who's actively working within the file too.

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    • Art SevaniArt Sevani, almost 6 years ago

      It is completely different than what anyone has ever done. Maybe you haven't tried Plant because your description is incorrect regarding how It works. It's not about being feature rich especially features that are not designed right. Plant has some amazing features and more coming soon and it's already adding some of them as we speak, but it's about doing it right. With Plant I do not have to think about anything else besides my work, it just works.

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