What is it with dribbble and nike shoe UIs?(twitter.com)

almost 5 years ago from Renato Castelo, Digital Product Designer

  • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, almost 5 years ago

    It's the age old problem of amateurs trying to get likes by creating the flashiest, GIFiest, most useless 800x600 image they can.

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    • Pedro Laguna, almost 5 years ago

      The images are pretty useless for implementation and actually selling more shoes (because it's just an 800x600 image), but they're pretty useful for practicing visual design and to attract more clients. James Young put very well:

      the more likes and views you get, the higher your profile becomes on what is a busy site and the more leads you'll generate for work.

      Besides If you actually take a look at those images, some of the designers are far from amateur visual designers.

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      • Renato CasteloRenato Castelo, almost 5 years ago

        I can't even say if they are good or not visually from this kind of post. There are 1000000 shots extremely similar and is really hard to see if they really have good skills or just copied others.

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