Ask DN: Freelancers, how do you scope your client projects?

over 5 years ago from Nick Noble, Head of Design @ Thesis

  • Rocky Roark, over 5 years ago

    I'm a freelance Illustrator so this might be a little different then what you might do depending on your field.

    I always send my clients a proposal document before we start a project or even sign anything. The document includes:

    • Welcome Message
    • My Process
    • Scope of Work
    • Next Steps

    The Process allows them to see how everything will work out and also allows me to tweak it depending on the client or project.

    The Scope of Work lists each of the illustrations/branding/etc. that I'm going to create for the client.

    And the Next Steps gives them a call to action, either to ask me for more information or to move forward.

    Believe it or not but when I added the "Next Steps" I actually saw an increase in the number of proposals that turned into real projects. (:

    Hope this helps!

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