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almost 6 years ago from William Bengtsson, Product designer

  • William BengtssonWilliam Bengtsson, almost 6 years ago

    Thank you again Thomas for all these tips and recommendations. I've followed up some, some I'm still working on. Understand you're not perhaps interested in follow-up but just wanted to drop by my updates anyhow :)!

    • Added alt on images

    • Added a sitemap.xml and a robots.txt

    • Replaced one image that was text, but the big one on "about" I still have problems since the div with card+text goes underneath the profile image, something I'm working on.

    • I've used < h1 > to < h6 > just to make them go in different font-sizes, I might need to change this later but have to create a system that differens than when there's a title

    • I'm trying to locate all the CSS I've used from the foundations.css template and insert into my own css-file to limit the css amounts. I've removed 2 CSS-files and now only use two (from previously 4). Removed about 800 lines of code.

    • I've searched and replaced the @import that I could find

    • Updated so that it said Roboto|Lato instead of two urls to each font family. Then realised I don't need Roboto so removed it altogether and only using Lato.

    • I can't find why jquery is loaded twice, but if I remove the jquery from the far bottom, jquery doesn't load for me at all. I believe it's the import of the Newsletter section that loads jquery but can't figure out how/why

    • Next project I'm doing is based on SCSS, I'm getting into it now, will look into if I can redo this into SCSS when I feel more secure about it.

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