My new website about hip hop(

almost 6 years ago from William Bengtsson, Product designer

  • Paul @StammyPaul @Stammy, almost 6 years ago

    Nice work! Only real feedback is that I felt the motion was a tad overdone and could be reduced/more subtle. Loading the about page has 6 different elements that move, not counting the others that just fade in. For example the top copy block on the about page moves what feels like 500px into place. Can you achieve a similar effect by just moving up 30px or so as you fade in?

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    • William BengtssonWilliam Bengtsson, almost 6 years ago

      Appriciate the feedback Paul, thank you! I'm not sure how to make that happen with wow.js - I'll look into it, I agree, moves a bit long! Thank you!

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