My new website about hip hop(

almost 6 years ago from William Bengtsson, Product designer

  • Alan Lavery, almost 6 years ago

    Really like the site design and great to see your idea come to fruition! If I had one piece of feedback, it'd be that the 'This weeks theme' section could maybe be broken up a bit. It seems like a lot of unformatted text and looks out of place. The text at the section below it (A Collection of HipHop) looks better with the narrow width so perhaps laying it out in the same way might make it more readable. It would also draw your attention more to the Spotify cards below the text as you could keep those as they are and it would appear to break out of the grid. (see Really like the font choice, big fan of Avenir of here :)

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    • William BengtssonWilliam Bengtsson, almost 6 years ago

      Hey Alan, Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it! And thank you for the feedback. I completely agree with you. it's too many words on one row as well, hard to read when it's above 10. I've fixed according to your feedback and it's now live. Thank you sir :)

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