Dan Perrera(perrera.com)

over 6 years ago from Ken Em

  • Joe CJoe C, over 6 years ago

    Really great site Dan, the navigation was pleasing enough to get to go through and read most of your content. Great job.

    Did you have any influences/inspiration in particular you looked to with the redesign? Also, did you have a key goal in mind with the redesign? Hiring, exposure, platform for your writing etc.

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    • Dan PerreraDan Perrera, over 6 years ago

      Thanks Joe, that's great to hear! I guess my website is a bit of a reaction to the heavy-handed animation that I've been seeing lately — I was hoping to achieve something a bit more delicate that highlights the content. I was also experimenting to see if I could achieve the feel of a "content application"(where it feels like the web is going) without sacrificing design or progressive enhancement. My hypothesis is that it might create a more engaging reading experience and, if you're any indication, it seems like it worked.

      As far as inspiration goes, aesthetically I've been very interested in minimal British and Dutch design. I don't think I can point to one individual example but I was attempting to capture their sensitive use of whitespace, scale, contrast, and typography in my redesign.

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      • Joe CJoe C, over 6 years ago

        That's a really interesting approach, seeing your site as a "content application". Now that you mention it, it does feel like it's somehow insulated, like the content all lives together in this flexible box. I feel like there is a real physical relationship among the content, the way it stacks in the timeline and moves back and forth into view.

        Thanks for the insight, Dan!

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