Fuck Facebook(daringfireball.net)

6 years ago from Pedro Pinto, Product

  • Thomas PalumboThomas Palumbo, 6 years ago

    Comparing Facebook's effects on people with cigarettes is pretty dumb man. What are you even talking about at this point?

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    • James Young, 6 years ago

      I know they're not quite the same level of danger but I must admit that I'm growing more concerned by the day about just what many of these social media companies are doing and how it impacts people.

      We know for a fact that companies like Facebook and Instagram are very much designing how they trickle updates to their users to keep them addicted. I saw an article recently featuring an ex developer talking about how they flood notifications at certain times etc but can't remember the link right now.

      In an age where suicide is a significant killer of people under 40, the effects on people from seeing perfect Instagram shots or promoted Facebook posts all the time is a real danger - especially when they're purposefully promoted over other more mundane updates in timelines.

      John's stance seems to be incredibly binary and a bit of a stretch and I don't think I necessarily agree with it but to be honest the role of design and its crossing into hardcore psychology at some points and the harm it is undoubtedly doing to some vulnerable people is difficult to ignore.

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