Fuck Facebook(daringfireball.net)

6 years ago from Pedro Pinto, Product

  • Brian A.Brian A., 6 years ago

    Coming back to revise my earlier comment and provide some counterpoints to your counterpoints here.

    If they can get hired by Facebook they're good enough to work elsewhere

    How are they supposed to get hired elsewhere if people like you won't hire them?

    Plenty of people do shitty things that make the world a worse place for money, this is kinda my point. They made that choice and put their ethics aside for that money.

    Do you personally always make the most ethical decision in every scenario? Have you never made a decision that only benefitted you?

    I'm sure there are plenty of "cool" people working there, but they're happy to be a cog in a shitty machine that makes the world a worse place.

    People have different motivations for things; I'm sure that not everyone working at Facebook believes in the mission or is sold on the product. A lot of folks make choices based on what's best for them at the time, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    FB hasn't turned shitty over night, it's been shitty for nearly 10 years now. They know what they were signing up for (unlike most of their users).

    Very true, but I say again: Folks have different motivations, some of which may be what benefits them at the time (e.g., career development, pay, location, etc.). Also, I'm sure that not everyone at Facebook is a long-timer.

    The issue I take with your stance is that it's an extreme, broad generalization for a group of people that you know almost nothing about. You seem to want to shame them for working at a company that you disagree with ethically, and you're punishing them for doing so.

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