• Sam SolomonSam Solomon, 4 years ago

    The problems stated have little to do with Medium and much more to do with someone posting low-quality content with affiliate links. This could have just as easily been written on WordPress or another blogging platform.

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    • Robert AniteiRobert Anitei, 4 years ago

      That's true, it's not about Medium. We need some kind of moderation, because right now if you post a link an upvote-it with 2-3 fake accounts you end up on the front page, like the expensive headphones article that Cristian wrote about it.

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    • Account deleted 4 years ago

      I agree. Medium is just a medium (sorry I couldn't resist). I think it's really on the community to decide on the type/quality of articles it really wants to see. Perhaps the DN folks could somehow tweak the ranking algo to reflect that (maybe add a downvote option?).

      A good example of a discerning community would be Hacker News, although it was a lot better before when the community was much smaller.

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