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6 years ago from Noureddine Azhar, Designer

  • Noureddine AzharNoureddine Azhar, 6 years ago

    While it may seem to you that not a lot of designing actually went into this, I assure you I didn't just pick the first typeface that popped into my head.

    Currently there are four different type classes used on the site.

    • The h1 class has a weight of 600 (demi), is in uppercase, is 82px in size and has 10px of letter spacing. This is strictly used for the first heading on each page and only there.

    • The h2 class uses the same weight (600/demi), normal letter spacing and normal letter casing and is 40px in size. This is used as a title for each different section in either the projects or the home page.

    • The intro class has a weight of 400 (book) and is 32px in size. This is used as the introductory body text for some longer sections, or as standalone large copy.

    • And finally, the regular body text which has a weight of 400 (book) and is 26px in size. This is used for any regular copy on the website.

    Also I don't think that you might be wrong in this instance, it really is one of those things that'll come down to personal opinion. At the end of the day my goal was to make a simple portfolio that is easy to navigate and read. Personal opinions on design aside, I think I've achieved that goal. Anything beyond that is going to be a matter of preference. But please don't take this long ass comment as me trying to show you that you're wrong or anything like that, your feedback is 100% valid and I really appreciate it!

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    • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, 6 years ago

      You are right, it is my opinion and when it comes to details like this, I don't think there's one right answer.

      Again, nice work.

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