6 years ago from John Smith

  • Alex HoffmanAlex Hoffman, 6 years ago

    Is there any reason to get a SSL certificate for a portfolio site? I know google will put an "unsecured" and a little unlocked lock icon next to the URL in the browser, but will it actually effect my site in anyway? No one is putting any personal information on my site except for filling out a contact form.

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    • Joe Roberto, 6 years ago

      Best practice is to put an SSL on every website.

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    • Adam Brenecki, 6 years ago

      Even if you think all the usual security/privacy benefits of HTTPS don't apply to your portfolio site, there's also this: having HTTPS will prevent unscrupulous ISPs from injecting ads into your site's pages.

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    • Luke Whitehouse, 6 years ago

      Search engines have also started ranking sites higher with HTTPS

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