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6 years ago from Dan Moore, UI/UX Developer

  • Alex Hazel, 6 years ago

    God damn that sidebar menu is slow as molasses. Let's hurry it up already with your silly opacity animations.

    Also, when the menu comes in on a 1024x768 sized browser, a vertical scrollbar appears for seemingly no reason. There is plenty of space to display all the data without a scroll. That tells me that the bottom padding or some div container is larger than it needs to be. At a very minimum, you shouldn't have a vertical scroll bar on that browser size.

    I would say that your choice of highlight for which page of your website you are currently viewing has terrible contrast and is confusing. In other areas of your website you use a thin 1 or 2 px underline that tells you which page you are on. I would love to see that idea be brought over into the header of the website.

    Removing the placeholder text for the input field to enter your email or newsletter is poor form when it comes to UX standards. And since that component is modeled heavily after Google's Material Design, you should just steal their input interaction method that they created to solve this problem. An example can be found here:

    Your "Approach" section on the "Expertise" page is a complete mess. You have some sort of image slider with no usable controls other than some microscopic dots. It needs large, easy to click, back and forth arrows...Maybe just show them only on hover...Also the image slider itself is broken. There are dots that just load a blank screen with no content. I also have no idea the relationship of the menu on the left hand side has with the image slider. The phrase "Quality Through Culture" wraps on a 1024x768 screen....So the word "Quality Through" is one line and "Culture" is another line and the leading between the two makes it look like they are two separate items in the list. Fix the leading if it wraps.

    The "What We Do/What We Don't" Section is odd and the copy is poor. "What we do" make sense because the sentence ends with "do". The sentence in the other column ends with "don't"....So your negative list reads like this: - What we don't fax - What we don't resist cake

    The negative list should be title "What we don't do"

    Also, why cross out the title of the list and nothing else? I would put a strike-through on every single item in the negative list. It makes more sense, raises less questions. Plus, it puts more focus on the positive list.

    And....yah scroll jacking is terrible.

    There are some kinks to work out but overall, I like the site. Keep fine tuning and good luck!

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    • Glenn McCombGlenn McComb, 6 years ago

      I agree re: the menu animation speed. Could easily double the speed of that without losing the buttery animations.

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