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6 years ago from Dan Moore, UI/UX Developer

  • Dan MooreDan Moore, 6 years ago

    Gday, I'm running some tests with Browserstack at the moment and am not seeing any issues with scrolling on win8 and 8.1 in Firefox. If you can email through some more details we can test further -

    Also, if you are seeing any errors appear in the developer tools console, please chuck them in the email as well.


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    • Surjith S MSurjith S M, 6 years ago

      Hey Dan,

      I just played again to find the cause. After some time, I figured I have to Scroll the Mouse wheel faster than superman to make it scroll. (really fast and really long)

      Virtual test platforms has some limitations like this :)

      Great job otherwise!

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      • Dan MooreDan Moore, 6 years ago

        Ok awesome, thanks for the feedback. I'll take that info to the other devs here and we'll see what can be done to improve that experience. Cheers!

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