• Benjamin WilBenjamin Wil, almost 5 years ago

    I'm a freelance technical writer, and I've contributed to UI for a couple of small teams and one medium one (with 40+ team members). I'm not totally sure what the scope of your copywriter's work looks like, but I hope my experience translates somehow.

    When I'm contributing writing to designs and code (when stuff exists only in Sketch files, this would be UI text edit and any in-app documentation), I like to make changes in the actual files that designers and developers actually use much as possible. This way, it's less likely that my work will get lost. Plus, there's no delay between copy changes and design changes.

    As a writer, I find that the more that I can touch the actual product (or, the more technical that I can be), the less likely that my work will fall through the cracks – or that some old draft ends up nearly published somewhere.

    But in some cases, I don't have access to certain files, or I'm too time constrained to get a proper development environment set up – or I haven't been allotted the software I need to get in and make changes. So, the most foolproof way forward becomes assigning another trusted team member (or some point of contact) detailed tasks via our project management software.

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    • Christopher Alan, almost 5 years ago

      Thanks Benjamin, your right ideally being in the design tool helps a lot especially to help give guidance as to how much or how little room there is to work in. We've tried that before where I give the copywriter a sketch file with some rough designs in it. But then I'd always have to get his copy of the dock and paste it into mine. Starting to see more and more collaboration tools like Figma and I think Adobe XD will have collaboration built in soon as well.

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