Here's how I would redesign Twitter(

over 6 years ago from Igor Pascoal, Product Designer

  • Thomas PalumboThomas Palumbo, over 6 years ago

    Unsolicited critique incoming...

    Space on mobile is crucial. Everything you design on the screen needs a deliberate purpose for being there. Making headlines like "While you were away" so giant seems unnecessary to me. You're cutting out probably 10-15% of the screen real estate for a static message. I'd assume Twitter intentionally keeps that headline small.

    Again, you placed the new tweet plus sign at the bottom nav because it is extremely important to always have available as you explained. Yet we see it taking up space on your profile as a giant icon. Do we really need it twice? What behavior do we want Twitter users to perform? Tweet from any screen or sometimes tweet from 1 of 2 places?

    Trending near you tags are so big I can only see 1.5 at a time and the title "Trending Near You" takes up so much space that the tweet preview for the tag can't even fit in its entirety. Twitter probably went with a list view for trending topics because users want to scan many trending items at a time. The idea you have is good, but the design doesn't show it off the way it deserves.

    Hope this doesn't sound harsh. I think the ideas here are good, ie, clarity, ease of use.

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    • Igor PascoalIgor Pascoal, over 6 years ago

      Hi Thomas!

      Thanks for your feedback. You don't sound harsh at all.

      I think you're right. Space on mobile is precious. I made a deliberate choice of taking up more space to provide a greater sense of hierarchy and to make things really easy to read and scan. I believe that something like Twitter is never static and that people fluently scroll these interfaces. Twitter does prioritise information density at the moment, and, for me, it makes it harder to scan and read.

      Regarding the extra plus sign on the profile, that's a fair point. I would be interested in testing it with users. I added it because it's a common pattern on other social networks to go on your profile and being able to add something new to it. But showing the same button twice might be a cause of confusion as well.

      Once again, I'm not so concerned about how many trending topics I can see in one particular view. As a touch device, I think it's acceptable to invite users to interact with content.

      Again, thanks for your comments. :)

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      • Mike A.Mike A., over 6 years ago

        People DO scroll. And they are more used to it on mobile than desktop => large type on mobile is OK.

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