Site Redesign: Wealthsimple (

over 6 years ago from Kieran Rheaume, Pretend designer and product person

  • Andrew CiobanasiuAndrew Ciobanasiu, over 6 years ago

    Scrolling through again, I'll admit that it takes a few mouse-wheel flicks too many to move through the sections. In that regard, sure, a bit irritating.

    But this is also the homepage.

    In a sea of HERO IMAGE + SUPERIMPOSED GREETING MESSAGE + CTA BUTTON or LEFT ALIGNED SIGN UP FORM + MACBOOK/IPAD/IPHONE SCREEN MOCKUP, something like this stands out. It's interesting. I applaud their efforts.

    Looks to me like a lot of time was spent crafting a highly deliberate message not intended to be skimmed over. Without knowing the details of the project, calling it a bad idea across the board seems a bit shortsighted. Is it a risk? Definitely. But with the craft that so obviously went into this site, I'd say the folks working on it were aware of their decisions.

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    • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 6 years ago

      I just think scroll-jacking prevents interaction which seems counter intuitive to the web as a medium. I totally resist all auteur ux.

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      • Andrew CiobanasiuAndrew Ciobanasiu, over 6 years ago

        Fair enough. I'm simply arguing for its use as a design technique on occasion. Something something right tool for the job.

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