Auto Layout for Sketch(

over 4 years ago from Travis Arnold, Designer/Developer at Planning Center

  • Andy MerskinAndy Merskin, over 4 years ago

    It's a tough problem. On the one hand, a lot of designers aren't given enough time to consider every state before they have to deliver, so those states/cases haven't been considered. On the other hand, our design tools simply don't have full layout engines in them, which is why quite a few designers I know (incl. myself) advocate for designing in code. The time commitment necessary to mock something up may be a bit higher, but the outcomes are:

    1. Layout-related states and issues are mostly solved, since you can swap the layout's content in a pinch and see how it behaves, e.g. when you make a title really, really long.
    2. Developers can use that code and tweak it from there, boosting their workflow and time to deliver.
    3. The design you've made is as close to real as possible (perhaps it is real!)
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