Our first sideproject – Designobjekt.se(designobjekt.se)

almost 5 years ago from Stellan Johansson, Design Director & Co-founder at Ritual Digital Agency

  • Stellan Johansson, almost 5 years ago

    Hey guys! First time posting here...

    As designers and developers we are exposed to great design from all over the world every day, and we wanted to collect and display our favourite items in a deserving way. The result is a curated feed that celebrates well designed objects in a simple and gallery-esque way, that can take you directly to the retailer with a single click.

    For this first version we tried to keep the number of features down as much as possible (It's more like... 1 feature now – the actual feed) just to get it out the door and launch it. We'll hopefully add more stuff such as Categories as we go along.

    Have a scroll and tell us what you think!

    /1910 & Anton Andersson Form & Funktioner

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