Why Windows Phone is horrid from a UX viewpoint(reddit.com)

over 8 years ago from Cihad Turhan, UI Developer and Designer

  • Mario Borna MjertanMario Borna Mjertan, over 8 years ago

    I'd like to comment on the Windows 8 UX. I know it's somewhat off topic, but please don't get mad.

    I've used Windows 8, and it looks nice. The live tiles are useful and everything. The charm bars are cool. If you know how to get to them.

    I installed Windows 8 (because XP gave BSOD's all the time) on my sister's laptop and showed her around. She got it, or so I thought.

    Two days later, she calls me. "How do I close an app?" In Windows 8, you either need to hit ALT+F4 (and that's not really memorable) or go to Start, move your mouse to the top-left corner, drag it down until the bar appears then right-click on the app and click Close.

    I didn't know how to explain that. I tried, but that was a complete failure. After five minutes of trying to explain how to close Metro apps over the phone, I gave up and said "Just pretend that you close it when you hit the Start button, like you do on Android".

    It makes the simple things, which you'd normally do by hitting one button, horrendously complicated. Windows 8 is probably really great on tablets and stuff, but it basically runs that same environment on a computer. Try using iOS on your Mac and see how that works.

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