Golden Ratio, bullshit or not bullshit

almost 7 years ago from Christophe Fresard, Webdesigner & Graphist Freelance

  • Rostislav Blaha, almost 7 years ago

    I don't use it very often and I am very skeptical to it being some universal standard of beauty. There are people who are looking at nature and searching for any two completely random dimensions of anything that are to each other (approximately) in golden ratio. Of course they find it but the same is truth for any other number.

    On the other hand professional photographers are quite frequently using it so it good to take it in account when you do anything with photos.

    So the general conclusion for me is – yes it is most probably bullshit but the kind of bullshit which (as far as other creative professionals are using it) is good to know and take in account when necessary.

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