Golden Ratio, bullshit or not bullshit

almost 7 years ago from Christophe Fresard, Webdesigner & Graphist Freelance

  • Bruno AbattiBruno Abatti, almost 7 years ago

    I think it isn't bullshit; people made it bullshit.

    For instance, Alexandre Wollner — a brazilian fucking graphic design genius — used, and still uses, the golden ratio to design. It's a guide, like grid. You use the golden ratio to design a grid, and then, if you like, or the project requires, you break the grid.

    In today's design world, people are lazy and just open the vector app and "design" a logotype, or a symbol. But back then the golden ratio were the basic scale to design almost everything.

    I, however, don't use the golden ratio as much as I'd like, unfortunately. But I don't think it's bullshit; people are.

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