Have any design teams moved to Adobe XD?

7 years ago from Micah Sivitz, Product Designer at Dropbox

  • Orianne Dodinot, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    I've switch to Adobe XD against photoshop (I know, not the good tool for webdesign). It's fast to learn, took me maybe a day to handle smoothly, but despite some cool features it lacks some of the main ones - specially in the prototype side, impossible to have a fix element for example. I'm not sure it's really worth changing from Sketch now.

    Depending how it will evolve though, it can be a really great tool. It's powerful, clean, have a nice implementation with illustrator / photoshop and that's really handy to have the prototyping side where you design and wireframe. Some cool things are coming : https://blog.uxtools.co/new-adobe-xd-features-from-adobe-max-6affefc372e8#.vtsvv3iq5

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