I cannot believe sites like this still exist in the wild(motorcycle-rack.com)

almost 6 years ago from Gergo Bekes, Web Designer

  • Todd SielingTodd Sieling, almost 6 years ago

    Never underestimate the appeal of what may be a rough/unpolished/out of date design to your eyes. Two examples:

    First is Craigslist. How many unsolicited portfolio-padding re-designs have people done for ol CL? Yet they rarely change, and when they do they leave the look alone. This might look like hell to you, but it does what design should do: it works for the audience. It feels raw, cheap, works fast over slow connections, and because of that people in their audience USE it. They also know it really well by now, and would likely not be happy with a redesign.

    Second: we have a not for profit partner that we do pro-bono and some paid work for. They serve homeless and low-income people trying to get back on their feet by selling a street newspaper (a common model around the world). They did some focus group work a while back and showed them example papers from other organizations in different countries. Participants said they wouldn't buy the more polished ones because they looked too good, meaning more money was going into print production and not into the people the organization serves. From that, what we make for them not only works in their brand, but we intentionally keep it on the more unpolished side because the people who give trust it more.

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    • Account deleted almost 6 years ago

      Similarly, someone I know designed pet food packaging, labels, etc for Costco a while back. They had to go out of their way to make sure it looked less "sophisticated" because they found if it was too polished, nobody would buy it... it did not seem legitimate to buyers as the "discount" alternative.

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