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7 years ago from Cameron Rohani

  • Zach ShermanZach Sherman, 7 years ago

    So. Damn. Good.

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    • Weston VierreggerWeston Vierregger, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

      And fast, too. It's crazy that even in 2016, a page load time can impress me... but here we are. Blew my hair back.

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      • Benjamin De Cock, 7 years ago

        Glad you noticed! There's one or two things that could be a little bit better but, overall, it's a step in the right direction (there are no render-blocking scripts, no png/jpg, most svgs are minified and inlined, …).

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        • Brandon ZellBrandon Zell, 7 years ago

          Holy cow, I've never seen svgs used so extensively. Looks amazing and loads incredibly fast.

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