Gmail will now be supporting CSS media queries(

6 years ago from Jason Rodriguez, Product Manager at Litmus

  • Tom WoodTom Wood, 6 years ago

    As exciting as this should be, we'll still have to design for the worst case scenario – so in reality it makes little difference in the short term.

    As mentioned by Jason, if it leads to everyone changing their standards then that would be amazing.

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    • Dylan SmithDylan Smith, 6 years ago

      The worst case scenario now will be Outlook, which made a huge deal last month out of getting their shit together.

      There are a bunch of smaller clients that will probably never change. But — as with web development — check your analytics and know specifically which clients you need to design for.

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      • Tom WoodTom Wood, 6 years ago

        I'm not sure I agree with your last point — the worst case scenario is the client you need to design for. If 80% of our user base can see the email perfectly, but 20% can't, it's the 20% I need to design for.

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        • Dylan SmithDylan Smith, 6 years ago

          If that number is 20%, sure. What if the number is 20? What if the number is .2%?

          Depending on how many users are on obscure or outdated email clients or web browsers, many companies make the call to ignore them because it isn't worth the additional time cost.

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    • Jason RodriguezJason Rodriguez, 6 years ago

      As Dylan mentioned, the worst case scenario for most people is now Outlook. The two good things about Outlook are that 1) all of their bugs are essentially known issues with known fixes and 2) Microsoft is actively looking to improve Outlook, so hopefully those problems will eventually be fixed.

      It will potentially make a big difference in the short term, since designers will be able to stop inlining styles if they want to, which will be a big productivity win. It will help clean up the code and reduce style duplication and make the creation and maintenance of emails much, much better.

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