• Max LindMax Lind, over 6 years ago

    Hey Ivan! - thanks for joining us.

    • How did the idea for Notion first come about?… what were you using previously in it’s place?
    • Thus far, have you noticed how users are mostly taking advantage of Notion? - Docs? Wikis? Tasks?…or a combination?
    • Is Notion for team use only?… or is there a use case where you might share with users as well?
    • Can Notion be associated with a custom URL?
    • You mention Slack integration a couple times, in your eyes how imperative was it to get Slack and Notion working together?
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    • Ivan ZhaoIvan Zhao, over 6 years ago

      Thanks for having me Maxwell.

      • The idea of Notion comes from history. In the early days of computing, we created interesting systems that celebrates the power of computing medium. Somehow since the early 80s, we have been building software tools that imitate paper. Notion wants to challenge that.

      • People usually start with one use-case, and then discover the power of combining multiple in one tool.

      • There's a large portion of people use Notion as personal Evernote replacement, which surprised us since it's not something we advertise on the marketing page. All welcome though ;-)

      • Indeed. Custom domain is on the upcoming roadmap https://www.notion.so/What-s-New-157765353f2c4705bd45474e5ba8b46c

      • Slack is one of our very top priorities. It has a monopoly on the internal communication/notification space. We don't want to reinvent the user habits there.

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