Eli Schiff - Dystopic Pipes(elischiff.com)

6 years ago from Marco Scannadinari, Web developer

  • Andrew Simchik, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    Hey, thanks for this -- I feel terrible that I didn't think to look for Designer News notifications until now, so I didn't realize it was here.

    I'm guessing by now you probably don't have a strong interest in a point-by-point discussion, so some general responses. First of all I appreciate the breakdown of what rubs you the wrong way about these pieces, and the example of "good criticism." I think there are some tone aspects on which we disagree -- e.g. I don't find Eli's articles humorless -- but that's subjective. And I think you're underestimating how much people care about the things he's writing about; at the very least I think designers do, or should, and I can't take seriously the claim that Instagram's app icon is insignificant.

    However, I do think we agree that there are at least two important problems that undermine Eli's arguments. One is that he clearly has a larger historical claim he's trying to make that underlies most of the articles I've read, about what he perceives as minimalism and post/modernism and the detrimental effect of the design trends he ascribes to those philosophies, and while I personally find it entertaining to watch him hammer each peg into that hole, I'm not sure he is always completely successful in making that connection, and more to the point I'm not sure the trend as he defines it actually exists (or if so, if it is indeed replacing something better). The other of the two problems is that his own logo is shall we say extremely vulnerable to criticism itself, and it presents a distractingly easy target.

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