Critique the system, not the logo(

over 7 years ago from Geoffrey Keating, Intercom

  • Stuart McCoyStuart McCoy, over 7 years ago

    I agree with what they're saying. Brand New, THE site for discussing all things new identities does a pretty good job of trying to present the brand as a whole. However, sometimes a poorly crafted logo is a poorly crafted logo and no amount of branding is going to help things out. I was actually on the fence the first time I saw the Hillary H but I took the wait and see approach and have been pleasantly surprised to see how it's grown. That doesn't mean we can't discuss the initial presentation and who knows, perhaps it was this initial discussion that spurred the brand to grow the way it did.

    I do, however, believe there is no place in this discussion for designers to go off and redesign the logo themselves. They lack context and a client who insists on tweaking things despite our best efforts to dissuade them from taking a path we think is wrong. While demonstrating how one might fix a minor issue with kerning or alignment is fine, redesigning the entire logo from scratch is not.

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