• Cristina Nocito , 5 years ago

    NYC / CT ONSITE - Looking for a creative who is adaptable, versatile and can share our vision. Primarily looking for someone who can create beautiful web/app pages for a fitness oriented startup - this position is project based with the possibility of turning part/full time after launch.

    Would ideally like to find someone who is entrepreneurial in spirit, searching for comradery within a small group of leads to share our vision/be a visionary/strategic partner and most importantly have the desire to create and design a myriad of awesome products, sites, apps, marketing materials and more.

    We love creativity and the craftmanship involved in design. We are a small company involved in many startups geared towards today and tomorrow's digital landscape. If you want to make cool stuff happen, we'd love to hear from you.



    If you think the startup life is something you'd like be a part of with us, please email me at Cristina@[domain above].com

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