Panda 5 Beta: New & improved UI, article previews, personalised launchers and more...(

almost 7 years ago from Ross Merritt, Head of Creative at Lightbulb

  • Florian GrauFlorian Grau, almost 7 years ago
    • I love Panda, but I don't love it "60$ a year"-much. My sweet spot probably would have been 15$ a year. Nevertheless I wish you find enough people who get more value out if it and are willing to pay the price you ask.

    • I'd love the option to see only shared links in Panda's Twitter feed, similar to Safari's "shared links".

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    • William ChannerWilliam Channer, almost 7 years ago

      Hey Florian, the discounted yearly price will be $50 a year, for the beta period it's $30. We're planning to extend pro with more integrations and layouts. So maybe you'll get more out of it then. With regards to Twitter, good idea. We'll implement that! :)

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