What makes a good Creative Strategist?

over 7 years ago from Ricky Synnot, Senior UX Designer at realestate.com.au

  • Joseph Decker, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    To me, it has a lot in common with other Director roles — such as maintaining a "helicopter" view of all the process/progress, keeping your team(s) at a realistic yet ambitious level, being a inspiration to all around you — even those of other teams.

    I honestly believe that it shouldn't matter wether you're labeled as a Director or not, the above few points should always be pouring out of your inner - innest(?) HA. But yes, we need to be open and collaborative rather than narrowed and "unique".

    I do think that a big difference between for instance a Creative/Art director and a Strategist is that the Strategist has to maintain a level of realism, their work should lie closer to the nature of humans. Whereas the Creative/Art director may be a little more abstract expressive. I also think, that the Creative Strategist is a person who mainly talks, observes, documents and informs/inspires on a high level.

    Note that I have never worked with a Creative Strategist nor have I ever looked into what the role might entail — these are however my thoughts for a Strategist.

    Curious as to what others think/know about this role.

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