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6 years ago from Marco Scannadinari, Web developer

  • Cory DymondCory Dymond, 6 years ago

    When you say this, do you genuinely believe Eli was shunning all gradients, or even that he wrote his three-parter primarily about gradients?

    Alright. Let's focus on an off-the-cuff remark that was clearly a joke. No, I don't believe that his three-parter was about gradients, dude and that's pretty clear from my lengthy response. If you want to traffic in pedantry, please don't bother responding.

    Finally, do you believe no site is good unless it visually conforms to "2016 looks"?

    Ugh. The further I get into this response, the less I want to respond and we are barely getting started.

    He is incessantly complaining about the direction of new trends in design while his own personal site looks like it hasn't been updated in a decade. If you're not actually doing anything new and you are complaining about other people trying new things, you look like a hypocrite.

    I'm not a great designer and I don't claim to be one, but I'm also not writing scathing reviews of people who are actually trying to push design forward in their own way and using their design work as the vehicle to attack them.

    I don't think anything about "2016 looks" or anything about trends. I try to look at the work and judge it as it fits within the context of what they are trying to accomplish and who they are aiming to target.

    For someone who claims scepticism of trend-following, you seem to regard trends highly.

    I'm assuming you're responding to this part, which is the only part where I am "skeptical" of trend-following:

    Do they stupidly follow trends they probably shouldn't? Yup.

    I said neither of the things you just claimed. As a very exaggerated example of what I actually meant, if I use the design trend of art deco for a piece on 90s hacker culture, am I not using that trend stupidly?

    I hold a pretty egalitarian view in regards to design. I think everything has a use in design. Following trends is sometimes necessary. I try to look at what suits the directive in the best way and using a popular trend might be absolutely necessary. If I'm doing design work for Snapchat, I'm sure as hell going to do something trendy because the market it's aiming for responds well to that. If it's something totally out there, I'm going to try to push boundaries. If it's for something classic, I'm going to do something referencing design trends that are well established.

    You also berate Eli for attacking others based on supposedly irrelevant information, and then you do the same in criticizing his site.

    First off, my problem is that he goes after others based on dubious assumptions, not irrelevant information. Secondly, I didn't criticize his writing using irrelevant information. I attacked the reasoning he has laid out across the three articles I've read thoroughly. That is highly relevant.

    I mean no ill will to you, but your comment does seem hypocritical and unjustifiably bitter.

    Maybe you missed the comment I was replying to. Here it is:

    I enjoy Eli's articles immensely every time they pop up. I'd love for the designers who don't to share some of the design critique sites/blogs they read and prefer, because if there are better ones out there, they must be very good indeed.

    Or if it's just that they think designs shouldn't be criticized at all, but that design criticism blogs should, I'd love for a few of them to explain why.

    That snarky response attempts to minimize valid complaints about Eli's writing. As if Eli is some unimpeachable voice on design. His design critique is apparently just so good that anyone criticizing him is some kind of loser who can't recognize the genius of his work. My response was a requested takedown of that attitude.

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    • Andrew Simchik, 6 years ago

      I didn't intend my response to come off as snarky; I was genuinely puzzled, and I appreciate the lengthy reply on your part. I certainly don't think Eli is an unimpeachable voice on design -- just an entertaining one who makes some good points but (like any critic) isn't right about everything. Criticizing and disagreeing with him is totally reasonable and worthwhile; it's just that most of the responses I see to his pieces don't engage with them at all, just express the belief that "nobody cares" about the stuff he's criticizing, which seems patently false.

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