• Sherizan SheikhSherizan Sheikh, almost 6 years ago

    Great process! We have similar structure. What I am curious is "post-tests". What do you do with the valuable feedback and what plans are made to put those valuable data into action?

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    • Lee MunroeLee Munroe, almost 6 years ago

      Good question. Since the report is in our Wiki, we use inline commenting to have discussions around each issue and pull in the relevant PM, lead developer or lead designer. Out of that we either modify our designs and prototypes, if it's something we're working on, or if it has already been built create an issue for developers to look at (we use Jira). If it's something major then we'll pull in relevant team members and discuss over a whiteboard.

      Also worth noting we tag our usability test reports in a way that they are pulled in to product requirement wikis, so hopefully they are always referenced even in future projects.

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