• Marvin Hagemeister, over 6 years ago

    Frontend dev here: I work on huge enterprise sites and platforms with dozens of components and templates.

    If you care about performance you should never use a framework like bootstrap or foundation, with the only exception being the grid if the design clearly demands one. Keep everything simple and stupid (KISS). This makes it a lot easier to reason about your own code. If you have something that can easily be reused across projects put it into your tool-bag. You'll quickly grow your own framework that fits your specific needs at your workplace.

    BEM is a great step in the right direction, but you will quickly run out of ideas to name the classes and you'll end up repeating lot's of css properties.

    For the sites we built we have seen the greatest payoff in productivity and performance with ITCSS. It feels dirty at first to put that much class names into the html, but compression will play in your favour.

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