• Austin PriceAustin Price, over 6 years ago

    I've used a few different frameworks, including Bootstrap, Foundation, and some lighter weight boilerplates/grid systems like Skeleton. I've found that Foundation is the easiest to customize out of the box, but it's still more work than it's really worth for most things, I think

    For the most recent project I started on this week, I decided to give Bourbon a try, along with Flexbox Grid. So far, I'm liking that setup a lot. In the future, I may look to start incorporating more of the Thoughtbot tools.

    As far as organization and naming conventions go, I'm sticking with BEM and the 7-1 architecture pattern and try to stay as DRY as possible. One thing that helps keep things clean is looking at all the styles that you'll need to define before you start and sketch out your folder structure before diving in. Also just be willing to rewrite and restructure things early on and just take your time thinking through everything as you're building it out.

    It's like anything else, though, it just depends on the project, your preference, and your team dynamic.

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