• stephen fstephen f, over 6 years ago

    I never use frameworks because I find that I want to alter so much "stuff" when I do a comparison between, let's say bootstrap, to my design I end up like "screw it I'll just do it myself". I think this attitude is a positive as I learn something new every time because I try and push myself more, and I'm always fearful that if I make something based on a framework I'll feel like I've cheated and feel less satisfied at the end.

    I always try to modularise things like, sections, shared elements, fonts, colours etc, I keep them in separate scss files... but then most people do right?

    I love flex box and use it for every project where i see fit, however I have to say I still use a (stripped back custom) floated grid for general layout, but I think this will soon change.

    Bem is cool an all but i like naming stuff like class="banana--yo-yo47wrp-5" so i'm screwed, i joke, but i've got my own way and im stuck in my ways

    oh an generally im px bitch

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