Ask DN: Advice on Project Management Tools

almost 7 years ago from Wyatt Campiz, Interactive Designer

  • Andy MerskinAndy Merskin, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    Seconded. I use a Kanban approach to organize tasks. See my sample board here:

    I like it because:

    • cards are tasks, and they can have subtasks if you so desire
    • you can have conversations in cards
    • labels (color pills) help you organize urgency, relative effort, type of work... anything!
    • you can attach links, images, anything you want to tasks
    • you can use Markdown
    • moving items through a kanban flow feels satisfying
    • the interface overall is really snappy (something Asana could really use: wink wink)
    • you can use Trello for organizing anything, it's ridiculously flexible
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