VSCO 5.0 launches (itunes.apple.com)

over 7 years ago from Aubrey Johnson, VP Design & UX at Dosh. Led design: @scienceinc, @color, @twilio

  • Michael G., over 7 years ago

    This really feels like a design update for the sake of a design update. It's one of the more baffling aspects of interface design and improvement, and I frequently question the motives of companies who are so willing to uproot a experience that has succeeded for X number of months or years, and completely turn it upside down. For what? I realize a massive app change can be adapted to, and the new process can become second-nature.

    Progress and change are great; they make the world go round, they keep people like us employed, and they keep us engaged in what we do. I think we're unfortunately in the midst of such purposeless change these days when it comes to applications these days, and this update reflects that.

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