VSCO 5.0 launches (itunes.apple.com)

over 7 years ago from Aubrey Johnson, VP Design & UX at Dosh. Led design: @scienceinc, @color, @twilio

  • Brad McNallyBrad McNally, over 7 years ago

    Did you get the walkthrough when you first opened the app? It told me to swipe up to get to the camera.

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    • Vili Lehtisalo, over 7 years ago

      The only instruction I got was to swipe the "joystick" to the right. When I did that, the walkthrough simply ended and I was left super confused and clueless. A few moments later out of frustration, I started swiping randomly everywhere to find out how to open the camera (which I btw have never actually used) and accidentally found out it happens via swiping the joystick up. I was honestly looking for a clear camera icon which would've opened the camera.

      I mean, I like the idea of the joystick thingy, but it's awkward to use. But kudos for trying out a fresh new way for navigating even tho it's cumbersome.

      Overall, I feel like this interface is even worse than Snapchat – which I frankly can't stand using. I'm a huge fan of minimalism, but this new interface just honestly feels... stupid.

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