VSCO 5.0 launches (itunes.apple.com)

over 7 years ago from Aubrey Johnson, VP Design & UX at Dosh. Led design: @scienceinc, @color, @twilio

  • Suganth SSuganth S, over 7 years ago

    Please no,

    I'm the minority and I'm sorry to say this, but the app has lots of usability issues. I don't know how to open the camera for 5mins, then opened their blog, saw the video then swiped up the centre button to use the camera. With all due respect, value the usability before aesthetics.

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    • Brad McNallyBrad McNally, over 7 years ago

      Did you get the walkthrough when you first opened the app? It told me to swipe up to get to the camera.

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      • Vili Lehtisalo, over 7 years ago

        The only instruction I got was to swipe the "joystick" to the right. When I did that, the walkthrough simply ended and I was left super confused and clueless. A few moments later out of frustration, I started swiping randomly everywhere to find out how to open the camera (which I btw have never actually used) and accidentally found out it happens via swiping the joystick up. I was honestly looking for a clear camera icon which would've opened the camera.

        I mean, I like the idea of the joystick thingy, but it's awkward to use. But kudos for trying out a fresh new way for navigating even tho it's cumbersome.

        Overall, I feel like this interface is even worse than Snapchat – which I frankly can't stand using. I'm a huge fan of minimalism, but this new interface just honestly feels... stupid.

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