• Jonas GothJonas Goth, 7 years ago

    Would you say that your knowledge and studies in Philosophy helped you to grow as a designer and entrepreneur? If yes, how impactful?

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    • Josh Long, 7 years ago

      Hi Jonas! Most people I meet question my decision to get a degree in Philosophy. Today, people have a hard time understanding its value. It was one of the key decisions in my life. I use philosophy every day.

      When you ask me how impactful it was, I have to say it was the most impactful thing I've done. Philosophy is all about questioning every assumption and detail in order to strip away variables to find the essence of things. Ideas, products, businesses, communication, relationships and the environments we create all contain unnecessary elements and noise.

      To study philosophy is to study the art of becoming a better human (and thinker), and that my friend, is at the core of everything we do.

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