• Dominic SebastianDominic Sebastian, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    Hey Josh, thanks for doing this AMA.

    I'm really interested in Patterns. I saw this on the twitter feed and would love to know a bit more about the process if possible? Like how you arrive at these patterns, what's meant by modelling here, and if there is a plan to put any of these online?


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    • Josh Long, almost 7 years ago

      Hi Dominic!

      The process is a bit hard to describe here, but it essentially breaks down who you are as an individual, what you want to accomplish and how that compares to the patterns of those you admire most. It's an objective way to extract everything you're thinking and everything that you want to accomplish - into a framework that you can act on and improve.

      The work and studying I've been doing lately is designed around making this process more efficient and giving people the tools they need to become self-aware and to make decisions based on understanding their own personal modes of operation.

      There are plans to do this online and offline. Stay tuned!

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