Ask DN: Has "Design" jumped the shark?

6 years ago from Tom Wood, Creative Director at Peregrine Communications

  • Tyler Cecchi, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    What happened with big data is happening now with design.

    Everyone said you needed it. Big data was the new sexy thing that was going to propel businesses into the stratosphere. But it was all mostly hype and wasn't the silver bullet that people proclaimed it to be. Putting big data to work for most organizations was an incredibly long, difficult and expensive endeavor. People learned that not every business needed to advanced big data analysis.

    Becoming a 'design oriented' organization is a longer, more expensive and difficult process than I think most companies realize. I think that businesses will take the essence of design thinking and employ it at the executive level, however designers being decision makers I believe will slowly dissipate. Instead management consultants and research firms will continue to prove that you in fact do not need designers in order to do design thinking.

    Simply put everyone says that the business value of design is enormous, which could very well be true, but it requires a large investment and is extremely difficult to quantify. Not being able to translate design investment into dollars and cents is the surest way to design losing it's seat at the table (if it was ever really there to begin with).

    That said, you don't need to have influence over business strategy in order to do great design that can in fact be very impactful.

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