• Rob CornishRob Cornish, 7 years ago

    I somewhat agree and disagree with the brutalist approach, websites do load far too many frameworks, plugins and other bloated elements that are just not needed, all because its easy.

    Where just 1 line of javascript would do instead of loading an entire jQuery framework.

    It's down to the designers, developers and the core team involved to make these decisions to create better websites without the bloat. What happened to story telling?

    The brutalist approach may work to some extent but for me personally people should create and design what they feel best fits the solution and objectives in mind. If a client is after something stripped back then yea go for it, on the other hand if the client's vision is different then use your skills, tools and knowledge to create whats required.

    The brutalist approach does feel like i've stepped back into 99' and its a bit nostalgic. Be good to see where it can lead to.

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